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Party Hat 4

This is the 4th Year Party Hat.

The 4th Anniversary was to celebrate Club Penguin's 4th year. It was on the weekend of October 24, 2009. In the Book Room, they introduced the Yearbook for 2008-2009. The free item was an aqua and lavender party hat. It was called the 4th Year Party Hat.

Party Hat TheoriesEdit

Many people thought the hat would be three colors like last year's party. It wasn't, of course. Others, like the blogger Chrisdog93 tried to put together a picture of it from the balloons on the advertisements for the party. Chrisdog made his party hat green, blue and yellow. The colors ended up being aqua and lavender, just like the pin.

Trivia Edit

  • The ONLY login screen that appeared during this party was the one advertising the 4th anniversary party, this may have been to get as many penguins possible to get online.
  • The site got to busy and crashed during the evening on october 24th 2009, but now it's back up.
  • It was extended for one more day because many penguins couldn't get their party hat.
  • In nearly every decoration, the colors are aqua, lavender and white. However, there was no white in the party hat.
  • This party was right before Halloween, so the Storm was in the sky.
  • Three rooms were decorated, the Town, the Coffee Shop, and the Book Room.
  • In the Town, there was the Snow Cannon 3000, which could make fireworks.
  • The Coffee Shop was almost always full on every server!