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A Silly Place was a members only room at the April Fools Day Party 2010. The entrance to it was at the Snow Forts. You could tell jokes in it or do a comedy act. There was a
A Silly Place

A Silly Place.

free item in it called the Jester King's Hat.

Tour Guide DescriptionEdit

Ta-da! This is the silly place... ... which is a place that really lives up to its name. Know any good jokes? Step up to the stage and make the crowd laugh. Check your funny rating when the time is up.


The room is divided into three raised platforms. The first platform is just a clump of dirt raised above the ground with a door that leads to the third platform. The second platform has a jester's chair where penguins can sit and the third has a boat where penguins can tell many jokes by pressing the [J] key and then once the timer runs out - they are rated on the number of jokes.


  • This room replaced the Box Store from last year.
  • If you click in between the space in the air, you will go back to door you started walking. This is to prevent glitches.