Candytron 3000 is a game similar to Pizzatron 3000. You have to click on the bottom right lever to access it. The only difference to

Candytron 3000


Minigame within a minigame

Date released

October 2007

pizzatron 3000 is that you are making Dessert pizzas, rather than normal pizzas. The maximum amount of coins you can earn are 1285 coins in this mode.

Objective Edit

The player has to toss chocolate, hundreds and thousends, anything yummy like that, onto a pizza. Instead of sauce and hot sauce, you have chocolate sauce and pink icing. It is a challenge to complete, because it's faster than pizzatron 3000.

Trivia Edit

  • It is faster than the normal version.
  • It is more easy to complete on a slow computer.

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