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Card jitsu is a game with 3 types of cards. They are Water, Snow, and Fire. The game also has Ninjas, which have access to the Ninja hideout and the Fire Dojo (Members only), as well as the Dojo. This game was released on November 17th 2008.

Current cards avalibleEdit

These are a few of the cards that are currently avalible.

Medieval PartyEdit

During the Medieval Party, penguins discovered dragons, befriended knights and completed heroic quests. This was a power card.

Treasure bookEdit

This book contains the best collection of rare and exclusive items. Look for a code with select toys and enter your code at to gain access to this special catalog.


  • Member ninjas can now play Card Jitsu Fire at the Fire dojo, and eard thier fire suit. This will then let them become a Fire Ninja.
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