The cave expedition was a party in Club penguin. It will be held at a room, beside the Mine. It was once thought

Me, helping out at the mine.

to be for members only, but can be accesed by all players. It was held from the 22nd of january 2010 - 28th january 2010. It was comfirmed in the club penguin times, on the blog and was also a rumor, since the hole at the mine had been getting bigger, and the new furniture in the january 2010 Better igloos catalog. The new Mission might was not released here, And the new aqua grabber level was not released either, however, this does not mean that it will not happen.

Trivia Edit

  • It is for all players.
  • Like all parties in 2009, the non-members item was another head item.
  • Not many rooms were decorated during this event.
  • Mission 11 and the new Aqua grabber level were not released here, however is could be possible for that to be coming soon, since the hole could have been made by Herbert.