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An igloo is a home for the penguins to live in. They come in many different shapes and sizes. Many tho like that are members only.

An igloo

Non members can't edit thier igloo. There are millions of igloos in Club penguin. About 35% belong to non members and the rest are member igloos. Members can purchase new igloos in the Igloo Upgrades catalog and buy new furniture from the Better Igloos catalog.


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List of igloosEdit

Cave iglooEdit

Perfect for an underground expedition!

Snowy backyard iglooEdit

The best for throwing snow parties!

Gingerbread houseEdit

Home sweet home!

Snow globeEdit

Make your home into a souvenir and display it proudly!

Theatre iglooEdit

For putting on great performances

Tree house iglooEdit

Hang out with your buddies in your own tree house!

Split level iglooEdit

No description avalible'.

Basic iglooEdit

This is a non-member igloo

Candy split level iglooEdit

A Candy split level igloo

Candy igloo Edit

A candy igloo

Deluxe snow iglooEdit

No description avalible'.

Snow iglooEdit

No description avalible'.

Secret stone iglooEdit

No description avalible'.

Deluxe stone iglooEdit

No description avalible'.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown how so many igloos are in one tiny place.
  • Sometimes there are igloo contests like the Christmas Contest and the Halloween Contest. Judges are often faumous penguins. They pick a winners and runner ups and they get a prize of coins, a special postcard, and they also get their igloo in the Penguin Times. Funnily enough, Pkittycat won one of them!
  • When Club penguin got started, all penguins igloos looked the same as the one in Penguin chat 3.
  • Some igloos are only avalible for periods of time.
  • More new igloos use to come out.
  • A piece of music called Hard Rock was once in Club Penguin. Many penguins thought that it was the best igloo music ever, but after a couple of days, it was removed. This was proberly because one of the moderators listened to it, and they could have uploaded it by mistake. The removal of it was proberly that it was a bit rude and sweary.
  • Better igloos comes out like half way through the month.