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The Penguin Band together.

The penguin band are the penguins that make all the music in Club penguin. The bands members are Franky, Petey K, Stompin' bob, G billy and 1 unknown one. They use to be plain penguins, but sometime during 2007 or 2008, they started wearing clothes.

The Penguin Band is made up of 4 members. All of them are Penguins, and are quite nice. There has also been an unknown member, who was seen at the Winter Luau 2006. It could have been Franky dressed up, but chances are that it is unlikely to be him. They were also seen when Penguin Chat 3 was around, but were all Old Blue at that time, since it was the only Colour avalible.

The band has also been seen giving out autographed backgrounds, and giving them to Penguins. There have actully been 2, but the autographed one is the newest. It first appeared at the Music Jam 2008. The older one was from 2006. Very few Penguins own it, since Club Penguin had bout 2000000 Penguins at the time, as suppose to 110000000 ones like there are now.