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Pizzatron 3000 is a game, invented by Gary the gadget guy. In it, the player has to look at the sign with the Pizza that a customer

Pizzatron 3000
The game screen

Date released

February 26th 2007



wants on it. If you make it wrong, you do not get any coins for it, but if you get it right, you get 10 coins in normal mode and 20 in dessert mode. You only have 5 lives. If you manage to make 40 pizzas, you finish the game, however if you make more than 5 mistakes, the player gets fired, and the Pizza parlour goes out of buisness. A Very skilled player can earn a maximum of 1085 coins in standard mode but you need LOTS of practise .

Toppings Edit

In this version, there are loads of toppings to put on. You have to choose between a few toppings. e.g; 5 squids, hot sauce, cheese.

Candytron 3000 Edit

See main article: Candytron 3000

Candytron 3000 is a game similar to it. You have to click on the bottom right lever to access it. The only difference to pizzatron 3000 is that you are making Dessert pizzas, rather than normal pizzas. The maximum amount of coins you can earn are 1285 coins in this mode.

Trivia Edit

  • Candytron 3000 was released around about october 2007.
  • It is possible to complete the entire game without making any mistakes on a slow computer.

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