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An example of an empty player card.

A Player Card is one of the features in Club Penguin. It has a few features, but first of all, I would like to tell you about your own Player Card.

Your Player Card Edit

Your Player Card is slightly different to other Penguins. It has your picture of your Penguin on, but you can edit your card too. It also has a bit coming of it which is where you can choose your Clothes, Pins, Backgrounds etc; You cannot go to the house on yours, since it is on your Toolbar. The other buttons are also disabled, since they would be silly for sending yourself cards, like Mr. Bean does in the Christmas episode. Instead of those being here, you see the amount of coins you have. It is anything between 0 and if a glitch or a hacking program makes then have more, it could have anything up to 1000000. It's usually about 1000.

Other Penguins Player Cards Edit

Other Penguins Player Cards are slightly different to yours. Instead of having the amount of coins, there is a Be My Buddy button, a Find button, a Home button, a Send Mail button, an Ignore button, and a Ban button. The edit items bit is disabled, due to other Penguins privacy. If they are a Member, they will also have a badge.

Famous Penguins Player Cards Edit

Famous Penguins also have their own Player Cards.
Rockhopper card

Rockhopper's Player Card (Note that all the buttons except the Get Gift one are disabled).

The only button that's enabled on this one is a Get Gift button. This is where you can your Autographed Background. The rest are all disabled, other than the close button which is in all windows, as seen in the picture of Rockhopper on your left.

Moderators Player Cards Edit

Moderators also have their own Player Cards. These are even different again. There is a question mark near the close button that links to the teams website. The ignore button is a kick button, and the report button is a ban button. Also, the Find button is a mute button.

Trivia Edit

  • About a year ago, an update was made to all player cards. This was when the Member badge was added. Before then, even if you were a member, you'd still have the star.
  • Puffles have thier own player cards.
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