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The blue puffle, as seen on the pet shop.




November 2005


March 17th 2006

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Red, Green, yellow, blue, purple, orange, white, black and pink

The Puffle is a furry animal in club penguin. There are currently 9, all in different Colours. They were first seen in the snow forts in November 2006, but as of march 2006, they are no longer there. Instead, they are found at the pet shop. The first puffle was the blue one, which everyone got at the Christmas party 2005, but when the Pet shop opened in 2006, Black, Green and Pink came in. Suprises filled the island in September 2006, and you could now get a Purple one. Since then, more have been added, but these are only some examples of them.

Games with pufflesEdit

Puffles actully have thier own special games. One of these is puffle roundup. In this game, you need to capture all the puffles. There are some cheats, but what your supposed to do is to get them in without moving 1 of them off the screen.

Moving appearances Edit

There have been a few special appearances for puffles. Most of them have been advertising for things like the Puffle party, and things like that.

  • In 2009, Club penguin did like a short advert that was advertising for the Puffle party 2009. It has a person speaking, who had a British accent. It showed at the begining the camera looking over the pet shop, which looked quite 2D from this advertisment. It took you into the wildeness of Club penguin, where a blue puffle spots the camera. It tells you some more about the Puffles of different types, and then our blue puffle finds an 'O'berry bush, but then lots of other puffles bounce through, and there is only 1 left. At the end of the long day, the puffles feel cold, and get let into the blue puffles igloo.
  • In 2010, Club penguin dis a very similar advert on puffles. It was much the same, but also included some new features like advertisment screens, and also at the begining of it, it goes to the back of the Pet shop.

Inventory Edit

As well as penguins, Puffles have thier own inventory. You only have 4 things in it, and you cannot dress your puffle. The things are Chewing gum, Cookies, Puffle 'O's and a bath.

Puffles Edit

There are currently 9 puffles. This explains what they all are.

Blue - December 2005Edit


Attitude: Mild tempered, content, loyal

Favorite toy: Ball

Cool fact: Easy to take care of

Green - March 2006Edit


Attitude: Energetic, cheerful

Favorite toy: Unicycle, propeller cap

Cool fact: Loves to clown around

Pink - March 2006Edit


Attitude: Active, cheery

Favorite toy: Skipping rope

Cool fact: Loves to exersize!

Favorite game: Aqua Grabber

Black - March 2006Edit


Attitude: Strong, silent

Favorite toy: Skateboard

Cool fact: Sometimes very energetic

Purple - September 2006Edit


Attitude: Usually happy

Favorite toy: Bubble wand, disco ball

Cool fact: Loves to dance

Favorite game: Dance contest

Red - December 2006Edit


Attitude: Adventurous, enthusiastic

Favorite toy: Cannon

Cool fact: Origianlly from Rockhopper island!

Favorite game: Catchin' waves

Yellow - November 2007Edit


Attitude: Artistic, spontaneous

Favorite toy: Paintbrush, easel

Cool fact: Very creative

Favorite game: DJ3K

White - Febuary 2009Edit


Attitude: Gentle, strong

Favorite toy: Skate

Cool fact: Can turn anything to ice with a breath

Orange - Febuary 2010Edit


Attitude: Zany, curious

Favorite toy: Box, wagon

Cool fact: Sleeps very deeply

Trivia Edit

  • Puffles eat pizza
  • An orange puffle is now out.
  • There are a few famous puffles, along with Penguins.
  • If There is a puffle party 2011 , many penguins belive the new puffle will be a brown one because after orange is brown
  • Puffle's poo colour is black with a ting off white.