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A Secret mission is a feature in Club Penguin that has agent Gary. in. They have already been 11 missions. It use to be that you had to play previous missions before you could get to later ones, but the EPF have changed that. They will let you complete the missions in any order you want.

Case of the missing pufflesEdit


An old Spy Phone.

Go to Aunt Arctic, she will tell you about her puffles. Then go to the Ice Rink, and pick up the photo of the green puffle. Next, go to the sports shop. Gary will give you a riddle. How many socks do I have?. Go to the pet shop and find the Tic tac toe code. It has the Answer. Note:I can't give you the answer, because it's different every time. Then, tell Gary. He will let you give you his rubber ring shooter, and the lasso. Go to the iceberg. Speak to the penguins who need help, and try and shoot them. Once you've got them back, then they say thank you. Go to Ski hill. Find a sad orange penguin with a broken telescope and talk to him. Then, use the spanner in your Spy Phone. He will then let you look through it. Find the puffles at the tallest mountain. Go to your map, then go to the tallest mountain. Use your lasso to climb up it. Once you get up, collect the puffles. Aunt artic will then say thankyou and you finish the mission.

Case of the missing coinsEdit

Talk to Rookie. He'll tell you that the coins have gone missing from the vault in the Gift Shop. He'll lock it, but he doesn't know the code to get back in. Find the sofa in the office and get the paper clip and the floppy disk. Then put the disk in the computer. You will find out the code. Put the code on the vault and the door will open. Look inside and tell Rookie. Gary will phone you and asks you to come to the HQ. He shows you the problem and will let you take a key to the roof. Open the right door and go to the roof. Pick up the white fur and use your spanner to open the power box. Go back to the vault and find rookie. Then go to the HQ. Gary will ask you if you would like a bonus mission, however this is optional.


  • In old missions, you still get to see the map at that time, as Club Penguin does not update is on missions.
  • The beach on panoramic view looks like it has had 2 pictures stuck together, meaning that there is a slight line that blinks on and off when you are moving round that room.