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Featured Pin

This weeks featured pin is the Sun. It was first available in 2006.

Featured Penguin

Aunt Arctic

Aunt Arctic is one of the famous characters of Club Penguin. Aunt Arctic is the author of the Club Penguin Times. She has her own section in the Club Penguin Times Called Ask Aunt Arctic.
Aunt Artic
She has been in the Club penguin times since about 2005 or 2006, but has only been the director since September 2007.

Current pin

  • The current pin is at the Night Club. It is a Carrot.
    Carrot pin

Current free items

  • You can get Rockhoppers key from his book. It is also a pin.
  • A moss key pin can now be found at the Underground in the cave expedition. It lets you go in
  • Sensei awards belts to players who play Card Jitsu well. Then you get the Ninja mask.
  • The friendship bracelet is at the back of Rockhopper and the stowaway.
  • The pin is hidden. It is avalible to all players.

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